In the summer, autumn, winter and spring of 2002/03, photographer Bernd Uhlig took his camera on an expedition around Russia. The result is a collection of 100 close-ups of people of varying ages who, removed from the trappings of their usual surroundings and social status, present the spectator with a kaleidoscope of chance encounters in the exhibition. The faces are linked by a background of Russian fabrics which grow together to form a patchwork of colours and patterns.

This series of portraits is presented accompanied by a sound installation. The ensemble and director of the play "Das Weite Land" (Undiscovered Country) by Arthur Schnitzler, a production of the summer 2003 Salzburg Festspiele, narrate texts from old Russian literature. These are excerpts portraying literary figures, describing their appearances and characters, often probing to the depths of their souls. In the exhibition context, these texts accompany the portraits of the people living in today's Russia.

The exhibition was first shown as part of the
Russische Kulturtage (Russian Cultural Meeting) in Germany
A Hahn Production on behalf of the Federal German Foreign Ministry

Exhibition structure:
100 photographs, format 50 x 50 cm, mounted behind plexi-glass