With the exhibit TANZBILDER, I would like to present an aspect of my involvement in dance. My fascination with contemporary choreography prompted me to explore classical Western ballet and ancient Asian performance styles. Curious to find out whether there is a hidden resemblance behind the language of forms used in different eras and cultures, I set up an experiment, consciously shifting the emphasis away from dancers, costumes and space, and placing it on distilling abstract moments of movement instead.

In a way, photography corresponds with the principle of choreography. With many individual danced images giving rise to a story, it is often brief, fleeting moments in dance which touch us and allow us to accept the story. In photography there is a similar fascination with the magical, invisible moment, which occurs between our experience of phenomena and their disappearance. Every movable moment is blown away again - gone - the instant it is recorded on film. The more fleeting the photographed moment is, the more timeless it seems.

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